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* Videos and DVDs on Christianity
* Websites on Christianity
* Books on Christianity
* Journals on the Study of Christianity
* Other Local Resources

Videos and DVDs on Christianity
UNC’s libraries hold numerous videos and DVDs related to Christianity, which are available for borrowing.
Our collection includes videos and DVDs in these categories:

History of Christianity

  • History of Christianity

  • The History of Orthodox Christianity

  • Medieval Conflict—Faith and Reason

  • Living Faith

  • Peter and Paul and the Christian Revolution

  • The Reformation

  • Renaissance, Reformation, and Beyond

  • The Spreading Flame

Christian Traditions and Congregations

  • The Amish: Not to be Modern

  • Black Pentecostal Service

  • Built on the Rock: Old Country Churches of the Southern Appalachians

  • Catholicism: Rome, Leeds, and the Desert

  • Credo: The Russian Orthodox Church

  • The Gospel According to Wayne Flynt

  • The History of Christianity in Lebanon

  • The Holy Ghost People

  • Hurting Church—Religion in West Virginia

  • The Hutterites

  • In the Good Old-Fashioned Way: The Old Regular Baptist Church

  • Indian Pentecostal Service

  • The Jolo Serpent Handlers

  • Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: The American Evangelical Movement

  • The Mystery of Faith

  • Orthodox Christianity

  • Solemn High Mass in the Tridentine Rite

  • Two Black Churches

  • White Pentecostal Service

Regional Christian Experiences

  • Americas: Miracles are Not Enough

  • Africa: The Bible and the Gun

  • The Africans: New Gods

  • Chiapas! The Fight for Land and Liberty [ILAS collection]

  • Cruceros and Camionos [ILAS collection]

  • Guatemala Por Dentro [ILAS collection]

  • A Legacy of Lifestyles

  • Masks of Mexico: The Art of Enduring Culture [ILAS collection]

  • Middle Eastern Christians

  • The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima

  • Sermons and Sacred Pictures

  • Temples into Churches [ILAS collection]

Significant Christian Leaders

  • Augustine: Late Have I Loved Thee

  • Augustine of Hippo

  • Becket

  • Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire

  • Crusade: Life of Billy Graham

  • Hildegard of Bingen

  • The Lion in Winter (Saint Thomas More)

  • Luther

  • Mother Teresa’s First Love

  • Radio Priest (Father Charles Coughlin)

Theology, Science, Politics, Society

  • The Disputation

  • God and Politics: The Battle for the Bible

  • God, Darwin, and the Dinosaurs

  • Here I Am, Send Me

  • Solidaridad: Faith, Hope, and Haven

  • The Supreme Court’s Holy Battles

  • Weapons of the Spirit: Le Chambon, France

Christianity and Art

  • Amazing Grace with Bill Moyers

  • Art and Function of Medieval Manuscripts

  • Gospel—Popular Black Gospel Performers

  • Symbolic History, Through Sight and Sound: Early Christianity

Hollywood Gospel and Christian History and Stories

  • Chariots of Fire

  • The Greatest Story Ever Told

  • The Gospel According to John

  • Jesus of Nazareth

  • King of Kings

  • The Mission

  • The Name of the Rose

  • The Passion of the Christ

  • Tender Mercies

Websites on Christianity

The Internet is loaded with websites related to Christianity, of which the following might be of particular interest:

Books on Christianity

Books on Christianity can be found in many sections of the library, but are especially concentrated in the BT, NT, RT, and SA sections. To explore the LC (Library of Congress) subject classification related to  Christianity, click HERE.

Journals on the Study of Christianity

Other Local Resources

Ackland Museum’s “Five Faiths” Project

The Five Faiths Project introduces, with original works of art from the Ackland’s multicultural permanent collection, the beliefs and practices of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism – religious traditions that have a strong presence in North Carolina and generally in American society today. It is with the idea of assisting communication between these new faith communities and the established Protestant community that the Project came into being. For more information, please visit their website.

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Duke University has been a major center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies for over fifty years.  Duke University collaborates on many projects with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University in the Joint Program for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.  For more information, please visit the CMRS website.

Permanent Collections at the Nasher Museum of Art (Duke University)

The European Collection

The Nasher Museum of Art has a growing collection of European paintings, sculpture, prints and drawings from the Renaissance to the present. In 1998 the museum was given an important group of Old Master paintings, which include a late 14th century Florentine Madonna of Humility, a Saint John the Baptist by Il Bacchiacca (Francesco Ubertini), a Portrait of a Young Woman by Catharina van Hemessen, a large Garland of Flowers with the Torment of Christ by Daniel Seghers and Simon de Vos, Jan van Kessel’s Creation of the Birds and Fishes, a Feast of Herod from the Studio or Circle of Peter Paul Rubens (known in the literature as the ex-Linde panel), and an Architectural Capriccio with Figures by Gian Paolo Panini.

Three-dimensional works include Spanish polychromed wooden figures of a 17th-18th century Christ Child as Salvator Mundi and a 16th-century Saint Margaret with original estofado technique.

In 1996, the museum purchased a rare set of 123 hand-tinted lithographs of the Holy Land made in 1842-1844 by British artist David Roberts.

The Brummer Collection of Medieval and Renaissance Art

The Brummer Collection is comprised of over 250 pieces which span the 9th through 16th centuries and represents regions throughout Europe. Highlights include several recent discoveries of Gothic sculptures “lost” during the French Revolution.  A rare statue head fragment from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has been identified as one of the three Christian virtues that flanked the Virgin on the north transept portal. Other statue heads in the collection have been attributed to the cathedrals of Noyon and Chartres, and the destroyed abbey of Moutiers-Saint-Jean. The well-preserved, innovated Samson capital from the  Burgundian abbey of Savigny illustrates the development of religious communities and travel along the pilgrimage roads.  Important ensembles of Romanesque architectural sculpture include the portal archivolts from the Cathedral of Alife Cathedral, four magnificent life-sized reliefs of Apostles from Sarlat, and cloister sculptures from the abbey of Saint-Martin at Savigny.